Spurs would face quandary in addressing their need for a big man

Back in June, I wrote about some free-agent big men the San Antonio Spurs should target once the NBA season starts.

Since the league is still in a lockout with barely a month away from beginning on time, the free-agent signing period will be compressed once the lockout ends. It means, teams will be scrambling to add players at a furious pace to get ready for the upcoming season or will more likely use their current lineup to compete in a shortened season.

Most NBA observers believed the Spurs would benefit in a lockout season.

With their current lineup, besides the glaring need for a veteran backup point guard, San Antonio would also require another quality big man in their rotation if they want to compete for a fifth title.

The frontcourt rotation of Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter, Antonio McDyess, DeJuan Blair and Matt Bonner might work during the regular season, but in the post season, the Spurs would face a similar dilemma they suffered in the playoffs last season.

Unless Splitter can fast track his learning curve, stay healthy and contribute on a consistent basis, and Blair turns out to be the newer version of Charles Barkley, the Spurs would not go deep into the playoffs.

Make no mistake, the Spurs main big man is still Duncan; but he clearly need help. McDyess would come in handy in the shortened season. But like Duncan, his body has gone through many battles and has father time against his side. Bonner can shoot but can’t defend.

In the recently concluded FIBA Americas tournament, Splitter have shown that he can be relied upon. However, he lacked consistency and has a lot to improve.

Blair despite his size, could very well be primed for a break out season, especially if he stays healthy and learn a thing or two during his stay in Russia.

But that would not be enough.

Duncan’s sudden decline last season revealed one thing — The Big Fundamental needs some big time help.

Sadly, the Spurs options of landing a quality big man are scarce.

It would be nearly impossible for San Antonio to acquire a big name player via the free agency, plus their two possible options overseas (Erazem Lorbek and Ryan Richards) are currently signed with other clubs.

Their best chance of getting another big would require a trade, which could lead to another tough decision of keeping Tony Parker or not.

Parker is arguably the Spurs’ best asset, but letting him go next season in exchange for a big man who can fill the void of San Antonio’s gaping hole in the middle would also hurt their chances of a legitimate shot at the title.

Perhaps, the Spurs best move would be to stand pat or add lesser known players to try to improve their roster as they have done so very well many times in the past.

This would be a perfect time, for coach Gregg Popovich and his front office personnel to weave some of their magic.

What do you guys think? How should the Spurs tackle their need for another big man? Share us your thoughts.


11 thoughts on “Spurs would face quandary in addressing their need for a big man

  1. Right, Parker is the Spurs’ best trade asset but trading him will only hurt the Spurs. Fesenko is a big guy, but maybe Aaron Gray is a better target.

  2. I though cause of the lockout the teams could resign a contract, so with this money (Richard Jefferson) you can pay a man like Dalembert.

  3. Robby

    I don’t want to see the Spurs stand “pat” but at the same time I don’t want to see the premise where they would even consider trading away a valuable asset such as Parker ! I don’t care what an opposing team may well be offering that’s unless it’s more equitable in reciprocity ! But we’re TP and there are not that many players in the league with his type of talent .

    Is the “death watch “ still on for a Stern sighting and hanging ? Just my thoughts on the matter mind you !

    tophatal …………

  4. RJ is under contract with the Spurs, during the lockout teams are not allowed to communicate with their players, but once the season resumes, that is the only time teams can sign free agents and make trades.

    Dalembert make sense for the Spurs, but I believe (salary wise) he is out reach. The Spurs should target lesser known players, if they can somehow sign Kris Humpries or even a Jason Collins, I think they’ll be fine, especially in a shortened season.

  5. Rumors, rumors, rumors come on guy’s Spurs Nation has one of West from NO, just a name to consider out there. Is he the Right Kind of Guy for us to go after or just a luxury. What is essential for the Team right NOW is a real BIG 7′ plus, then an Athletic SF (veteran) for the long term. Don’t get me wrong I like West, but the need in this case might just cause to much. I got a feeling when the Lockout ends players are not just going to get more money, but also try to position themselves with contending Championship teams. Again to much dead weight at SF for us. Yes, I think RJ can be package with AMac’s contract, people are willing to just take AMac contract thats our Ace up or sleeve.

  6. Joe Perez, thanks for your inputs, and read your comment of trading McDyess and RJ which is a good idea, the problem is not a lot of teams are willing to take on RJ’s contract, if you remember, the Spurs even tried to shop Tony Parker to other teams with the condition of taking RJ’s contract but no one bit.

    As a result, the Spurs shook their roster on draft night sending George Hill to Indiana for Kawhi Leonard, Davis Bertans and the rights to Erazem Lorbek.

    If the Spurs could some how add a player or two (preferably a big man and veteran backup PG), I think they’ll be fine.

    Thanks for the comments and reads everyone.

  7. No I am not crazy – I just read somewhere where the Spurs out to try rehabbing Eddie Curry. Maybe he could be gotten into shape by the Spurs and come cheap. He had talent once upon a time.

    • Intriguing to say the least, maybe it’s just rumors, but its the Spurs we are talking about, if there is any truth to this, I’m pretty sure the Spurs knew what they got into. I wish you can provide a link to the article related to this.

      Thanks for the comment and read.

  8. sewfarsegood;
    I believe the SAS FO has figure out by now that getting another injured player is not the way to go again, unserviceable bodies is one of the reasons we are top heavy in dead wiegh at SF.

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