NBA stars to play Entertainers Basketball Classic – Goodman game

New York natives and NBA players Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest), Joakim Noah and Kemba Walker will headline the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) squad when they face the Goodman League in a streetball game Sept. 30 at Long Island University in Brooklyn, according to EBC chief executive officer and founder Greg Marius. (via Matt Ehalt, ESPN New York)

San Antonio Spurs guard and Baltimore native Gary Neal, could represent the Goodman league in this summer spectacle.

Marius said EBC’s roster will also include Dallas Mavericks forward Corey Brewer and there’s interest in adding Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings and Detroit Pistons guard and Mount Vernon native Ben Gordon to the roster. Arrangements need to be made so Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton and Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews can join the team in Brooklyn.

“Everybody is definitely excited about this game,” Marius said. “It’s a lot of star power and it’s for charity for both of the leagues. Both of us depend on sponsorship dollars and want to be able to create some other revenues and this is (a) great avenue with the lockout and players are willing to lend their support.”

Marius also added that the team is looking to reach out to Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant to see if he would be interested in playing with EBC. Marius said that Bryant once played in the EBC, which is a summer tournament that is played at Rucker Park in Harlem.

“He would make a great addition to our league,” Marius said.

Originally, the plan had been for EBC to compose a team strictly of New York natives, like World Peace, Walker and Noah, but it’s not looking like those plans will come to fruition, Marius said. Instead, the plan has shifted to create a team of players who formerly played in the EBC. Marius said that only Singleton and Brewer have not played in the tournament and Marius said he’s very confident he will be able to assemble the team that he wants for the game.

The game came together about a week ago and Marius sped around to local colleges to see if they could host the game. Marius said he had reached out to St. John’s, where he attended college, as well as Columbia and Fordham, but those schools were booked, which led to their pairing with LIU. Marius said his league has done events at LIU before.

“It’s a good opportunity to have this game in New York,” Marius said.

Having played in various summer league events, San Antonio Spurs guard and Baltimore native Gary Neal could represent the Goodman league in this game.

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3 thoughts on “NBA stars to play Entertainers Basketball Classic – Goodman game

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  2. Another exhibition game to try to please the fans, the real NBA season must start soon, David Stern, Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher are NOT doing their jobs!

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