Spurs’ Joseph takes a walk down memory lane

I had a busy week, and if you’re a regular reader here at Spurs World, you’ll notice that posts has been minimal in the past few days.  It might stay that way for the time being since there is no real progress in the NBA labor talks and the season has yet to resume.

San Antonio Spurs rookie and Pickering native Cory Joseph, recently spoke to students and athletes before playing a quick game with the senior boys' basketball team at Pickering High School.

However, rest assured that we’ll try to deliver some Spurs and NBA news if some significant things happen.

In the mean time, let me share you this article written by Shawn Cayley of thestar.com about San Antonio Spurs rookie Cory Joseph.

While he’d rather be in full preparation for his first NBA training camp, Cory Joseph seems to be enjoying a little time off.

The former Pickering High School basketball star was back at his old stomping grounds last week, taking a walk down memory lane inside the walls of the place where his professional basketball dreams began.

“It feels great. It definitely brings back a lot of memories. A lot of good times,” Joseph said of being back at Pickering High.

“We won two OFSAA championships here. Seeing a lot of the changes, you know. There’s a lot of changes in the school.”

And there have been many changes in Joseph since those days as well.

Following his success at Pickering, Joseph packed up shop and headed south, joining Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nev. While it was tough to leave home, the move was something he felt would give him the best opportunity to achieve his goals.

And it did.

“I was very blessed and fortunate to be able to get into the Findlay program out there in Vegas with great teammates, great coaches and a great first-class organization which helped me a lot,” Joseph said when asked about his prep school experience.

“I had SAT prep, ATT prep. Everything I needed, you know. It helped me a lot to get to college. It helped me mature as a young man.”

From there it was off to the University of Texas, and while his school stay lasted all of one year, it was the final springboard Joseph needed to continue his basketball career.

At the NBA draft back in June, Joseph was taken with the 29th pick of the first round by the San Antonio Spurs.

“It was definitely mind-boggling a little bit. The draft was definitely heavy sweating a little bit while it’s going on, wanting to get picked,” he said.

Joseph’s time at home will soon come to and end as he heads back south to work out at his old university, while holding onto hope that his first NBA season will start sooner rather than later.

However, there is no question he’s enjoyed being back in these parts.

“It’s been great. Obviously when you get the chance, with a busy schedule, to come home and spend time with your family, friends and come back to your old school where you used to play at, it’s great,” said Joseph, who played for Canada at the FIBA Americas championship this summer.

“There is no place like home.”


4 thoughts on “Spurs’ Joseph takes a walk down memory lane

  1. Going back to his old stomping grounds, Joseph might feel a bit emotional. That’s how I felt every time I visit my Alma Mater in college.

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