Mason: “Players willing to go lower”

The former San Antonio Spurs guard and Players Association’s vice president told ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling that players have offered to reduce their income from last year’s 57 percent of basketball-related income to 54 percent, and are willing to go further, so long as they can avoid a hard cap.  (via ESPN’s Henry Abbott)

Roger Mason Jr.

“We’re not going to allow the soft cap to take on the system,” Roger Mason Jr. said. “I’m hopeful that even with whatever system changes they want to make, that stays intact because I know what our guys want to do.”

Mason Jr. said where the union has shown a willingness to compromise has been with the issue of Basketball Related Income (BRI) — and they’d loosen their reigns even more, down from 54 percent, if that’s what it takes to start a season. He’s hopeful this weekend that the divide in revenue split will be tackled.

“I know that we’re willing to take on some of the relief because of what’s going in America,” Mason Jr. said. “We would go down from that 54 — I don’t know what that number is — but I know that if it’s going to get a deal done, we would be willing to compromise even more.”

Mason adds that he’s bringing his “positive energy” to Friday’s meetings, and hopes the owners are doing the same.


7 thoughts on “Mason: “Players willing to go lower”

  1. NBA lockout, Government shut down, Hard cap, Soft cap , revenue split, 54-50, positive energy-negative energy, fluckers-defectors, BRI and a loss season just one thing in common people. The CBA should be made public to all fans to see, now the part where owners and players can not compromise should be put in a ballot to be voted on by the fans. Fan’s should have a say so, we buy the tickets, merchadise, foods and who knows what else to support our favorite teams. Just to watch our team play a game for a family of 4 is close to $400. a game. In my opinion the recession is not totally at falt because if there is a season the fans are still going to pack the arenas just a lame excuse that owners want to fall back on. There is still HOPE that it could be resolve sooner than later because owners wouldn’t be able to survive and file bankruptcy HaHa. As for players they can only give in so much. Let the fan’s VOTE.

    • I wish there is a way for fans to be heard by the people involved in the lockout but we all know it’s not going to happen. I hope the season will be save. If not, the NBA will lose it’s face if they haven’t already.

      If and when this issue is resolved, I believe it’s time for Stern to step down as NBA commish.

      Thanks everyone for the comments and reads.

  2. Robby

    Yeah I can believe that the players are willing to go lower , especially in light of Dywane Wade’s tirade against David Stern . Shows that they’re no closer to settling this dispute at all ! I’m surprised D-Wade didn’t question the commissioner’s birth right while he was it .

    He could’ve said the …..” commish” is a “ba_tard “ …….. rhymes with the word retard .

    tophatal ………

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