Parker to decide next week whether to join ASVEL during lockout

With the NBA lockout issue yet to be resolved, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker might announce his decision next week on whether he will join his team ASVEL during the lockout.

According to the website basketeurope, Parker could give a definitive answer on whether to play for the team he partly owns and serves as its director of basketball operations before the start of the French league on October 7.

However, Parker’s decision could be insignificant, especially if players and owners settle on a new collective bargaining agreement over the weekend.

The French basketball superstar returned to France this week for help in settling the insurance question that remains his biggest obstacle in joining the French team.

Parker’s four-year contract with the Spurs, which started before last season, pays him $50 million. He’d like to guarantee to cover any potential injuries while playing in France.

Initially, Parker said he will give his response to ASVEL on October 10, but the acceleration of negotiations in the NBA may have pushed him to give a definitive answer sooner than later.

If the lockout ends, Parker will return to San Antonio. Otherwise, he will play overseas and his Spurs’ teammate Manu Ginobili will likely accept the offer from Virtus Bologna.


3 thoughts on “Parker to decide next week whether to join ASVEL during lockout

  1. I think Parker should wait and see a little more, playing in ASVEL will cost him money. It’s better for him to rest for a while and try to stay in shape as the NBA labor talks progresses.

  2. This is Parker’s call, but I kinda agree with Daniel07, if you’re not earning extra money and potentially risk getting injured playing overseas why bother playing?

    The only reason I see here is that he wants to help his team ASVEL more wins.

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