Blair struggled in victory over Enisey; Krasnye Krylya Samara wins VTB qualification round

San Antonio Spurs’ DeJuan Blair and Krasnye Krylya Samara won the VTB qualification round and remained unbeaten in the tournament. The Redwings who beat their previous three opponents by an average margin of 18.3 points, had a tough time in dispatching Enisey.

DeJuan Blair struggled against Enisey, but his team won 86-83.

Enisey opened the game strong, and took a 29-15 advantage after the first quarter. Early in the second quarter, Enisey increased their lead to 38-22, but that’s when Krasnye Krylya made a furious rally.

The Redwings went on a 23-0 run and scored 32 points in the period to take a 47-40 lead at halftime.

Krasnye Krylya protected their lead in the second half, won the third quarter 23-22 and headed into the fourth with an 8-point advantage.

Enisey tried to make a comeback winning the final quarter 21-16, but it wasn’t enough as the Redwings held on for an 86-83 victory.

Brion Rush led Krasnye Krylya with 18 points.

Playing his fourth game in five days, Blair who averaged 22.3 points and 10.0 rebounds in his three games struggled in this one.

The Spurs’ burly big man managed just four points, two rebounds, one assists and had three turnovers in 14:22 minutes of action in the win.

Andrey Komarovskiy and Jasmin Hucic delivered 15 points each in the losing effort for Enisey.

8 thoughts on “Blair struggled in victory over Enisey; Krasnye Krylya Samara wins VTB qualification round

  1. We are all hoping for the NBA season to resume, can’t wait to see the Spurs back in action. Blair is doing pretty well, I think fatigue finally caught up with him in this game and he only played 14 minutes so four points and a couple of rebounds ain’t that bad.

    However, he went 1-4 from the field and those 3 turnovers are just a bit too much.

    Thanks for the comment and read.

  2. Blair had an off night in this one, but still they won the qualifications and undefeated, the “beast” must be excited.

  3. Blair is a beast, glad they won even if struggled, I’m sure he’ll bounce back pretty well in his next game. I hope the NBA season resumes ASAP too!

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated Robby, love your posts but unfortunately don’t often comment. It does seem to me like Blair might’ve been a bit fatigued. I would like to pose a question though, how many minutes per game do you think Blair would be during the regular season/post season if there even is a season this year? Do you think he will make an improvement? Or did he already come as polished as he could get for his own good?

    • I’m glad you joined the discussion here, as for Blair, I believe he truly gifted as a rebounder and that compensates for his lack of height. However, even with his burly frame and freakish wingspan Blair will continue to have some problem guarding 7-foot bigs.

      IMO, here are the main points where D. Blair has to improve and the ability to do so.

      1. On defense, Be more agile, for a big man he actually is good a picking up steals which is good, but to be able to be more effective on the post, he has to get better on his lateral movement guarding with his feet rather than relying heavily on his wingspan.

      2. On Offense, his knack for getting the offensive rebounds and make put backs is a joy to watch, he can also dunk the basketball every now and then, but he has to extend his range and develop a reliable midrange jumper to be a better offensive threat.

      Thanks for the comments and reads.

  5. To many games back to back, I’ll bet all our guys are just glad there are only two games schedule on back to back nights in the NBA. Blair is doing great, keep it up.

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