Ginobili not ready to play for Virtus Bologna

Manu Ginobili today practiced with Argentine team Weber Estudiantes and talked about the proposal made by Virtus Bologna.

“I did not go to Italy in the last six years and it could be a nice thing to return there, but right now I need to rest.

I cannot give them an answer today. If they want another player, they are free to look for a new one. I am not ready to play. I am going to practice with Weber, I help them. Nothing more so far” said Ginobili, as reported by journalist German Beder (via

4 thoughts on “Ginobili not ready to play for Virtus Bologna

  1. Excellent decision by Manu, health first before anything else, if the time comes he is ready to play and the NBA season hasn’t resume, I wouldn’t mind him playing in Italy.

  2. Manu is doing the right thing making sure he has enough rest before playing in another competitive tournament, maybe he should come back to SA soon and workout with TD and the other players like Neal, Anderson and the rooks.

  3. Bologna or $$Baloney, who cares, money is to hard to resist. Manu as we know is a competitor, he just won’t sit around doing pickup games, he’s like a vampire that craves blood, he’s addicted to a drug call basketball, his love and passion. He’ll problaly play for free just to play a game, however; as stated above by SFH it’s time for our guys to come home and start doing team practices. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Do the right thing and start preparing our rookies for the 2011 NBA season because I got a feeling that when the CBA gets done a lot of the teams are going to be caught of guard and be running around like crazy. Hopefully we won’t be one of thoses teams. Here’s HOPING.

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