Parker says he will play for ASVEL during lockout

San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker has opted to play for his French team ASVEL during the lockout.

With the NBA wiping out all preseason games, and an extended lockout looming, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker announced early Wednesday he will join his French team ASVEL.

Parker’s announcement came by a tweet on his personal Twitter page at 3:45 a.m. CT.  (Hat tip: Spurs Nation)

“Going to play in France !!! Let’s go ASVEL !!!! De retour en France pour jouer avec l’ASVEL !!!!”

ASVEL Villeurbanne officially announces the arrival of Parker, the French play-maker is also the vice president/director of basketball operations for the ASVEL team.

He will pay the insurance from his own pocket and will only earn $1,995 per month which is the minimum salary in Pro A.

Parker will be based in Villeurbanne, near Lyon in southeast France., he told the French sports daily L’Equipe that it is a good idea to come back and play in France.

The contract has an opt-out for Parker to return to the Spurs as soon as the lockout ends.

For his NBA career, Parker is averaging 16.7 points, 5.7 assists and 3.1 rebounds in 746 games with the Spurs.


3 thoughts on “Parker says he will play for ASVEL during lockout

  1. Robby

    Eva won’t be joining TP will she ? C’mon Tony do us all a favor give that ##tch one more chance and show her who’s boss by ###@@ng the brass knockers off her #@s !

    He’d have got a better deal playing in Spain ! But it’s Italy ……… and the chicks there <i? are most definitely hot !

    So Stern looks to abandon the preseason and if there’s no agreement in place by the end of October I hear that the first month of the regular season may well be postponed altogether ? Oh wow ! Why am I not surprised by this ? I guess it’s because when you have grown adults ( league hierarchy , owners & union ) behaving like immature prepubescent children we shouldn’t expect anything different !

    tophatal …………….

  2. Sometimes basketball is better then no basketball. Let the worrying begin, how much pounding after the Olypic’s qualification games can he take. It’s not just our guys but a lot of the league 1st Tier players taking a chance on getting hurt. A paycheck is a paycheck no matter what but there is always the regret of seeing one of our guys getting injured, then was it worth it?

    • Injury is one of my main concern why I don’t want TP to play overseas, but in any game (NBA or not) the potential of injury is there.

      Parker is going back to France to lift up French basketball, It’s a great timing for him especially after their Eurobasket success.

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