Duncan ranked 8th among 50 Greatest of All Time

With the NBA lockout still unresolved, the guys at Bleacher Report made an updated list of the 50 Greatest NBA Players of All Time.

San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan was ranked 8th in the list, a notch ahead of another great big man Hakeem Olajuwon (9th) and a step behind Shaquille O’Neal (7th).

Here’s the take on Duncan:

Tim Duncan has remarkably been one of the most consistent players in NBA history. By sticking to smart fundamental moves (hence, his nickname “The Big Fundamental”), Duncan became the first player to make the All-NBA and All-Defensive Team in each of his first 13 seasons in the league.

With his superb post footwork and signature bank shot, Duncan has continually been one of the best scorers in the NBA. While teaming with David Robinson, the 13-time All-Star led the Spurs to the first of four titles in just his second season. That historic run was capped by the first of three Finals MVP awards.

Duncan has also proved himself in the clutch. Besides being the focal point for all four championships in San Antonio’s history, his playoff averages exceed his regular-season stats.

Due to his dominance on both ends of the floor and his ability to lead his teams to championships, Tim Duncan is widely regarded as the best power forward in the history of the game.

Currently, Tim Duncan ranks 28th in total points, 21st in rebounding average, 21st in total rebounds, 24th in field-goals made, 14th in blocks per game and ninth in total blocks in NBA history.

Three former Spurs also made it to the list, David Robinson (14th), George Gervin (31st) and Dominique Wilkins (38th).

Among the current NBA stars, Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant got the highest rank at number four, one place ahead of Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird (5th).

Magic Johnson (3rd), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2nd) and Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan (1st) round out the top three.

Curiously, among the active NBA players, LeBron James of the Miami Heat was ranked 16th despite not winning a single NBA title. His teammate Dwayne Wade who won a title with O’Neal in 2006 was ranked 37th.

Boston’s Kevin Garnett (20th) who had only one NBA title was ranked ahead of Chicago’s Scottie Pippen (21st).

While Dallas Mavericks teammates Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd were ranked, 25th and 28th respectively.

Agree or disagree with this list? I’m curious about your responses.


8 thoughts on “Duncan ranked 8th among 50 Greatest of All Time

  1. Duncan’s ranking is just about right but I could argue that he and O’Neal should switched places.

    In my humble opinion, LeBron and Garnett were rank too high on the list especially LBJ at 16? C’mon BR!

  2. Duncan is the only player to make the All-NBA and All-Defensive Team in each of his first 13 seasons in the league and never won a Defensive Player of the Year award, mind boggling.

    I think his rank at number 8 is just about right, Shaq’s statistical accomplishment give’s him a little edge over Duncan in terms of individual accomplishments. Kobe I think was ranked too high at 4 and LBJ at 16 is just ridiculous the writer of this from B/R obviously love LeBron.

  3. Robby;
    Different times and variables, when this active players finish their careers I’am pretty sure the list will change again, like you said updated list, it won’t change drastically but just enought for the fans to say its justifiable. I see T. Duncan at the least 5th by the end of his career. Rated too high were Kobe, James, Wade and Garnett, notice this is a popularity contest with them all. Rated too low was D. Robinson should at least warrent 6th, imagine Timmy and David playing KAJ and Magic will never know, as for MJ well during his tenure with the Bull’s the SASpurs were one of the few teams that fair pretty well against them.

  4. Robby

    Timmy is deserving of the moniker “Mr Fundamental” as he does everything right ! He’s been the “ class ” of the NBA since he entered the league . There are not a lot of players in the league that one can say that about at present !

    tophatal ………….

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