Blair, Krasnye Krylya Samara dropped second straight; falls to Quinn, Khimky

After winning their first four games, San Antonio Spurs’ DeJuan Blair and Krasnye Krylya Samara Redwings have dropped two straight games.

Last Tuesday they loss against Triumph Lyubertsy, 94-71 at EuroChallenge Qualifying Round. Blair registered 14 points and four rebounds in 23 minutes in that game.

Blair and the Redwings will look will try to get revenge against Triumph on Tuesday.

Against their rival BC Khimky Moscow, the Redwings suffered their second straight defeat 85-79 in round one of the regular season.

Blair finished with 14 points, grabbed three rebounds, shot 5-of-12 from the field, 4-of-4 from the free-throw line, three steals, two turnovers in 19 minutes of action.

Former NBA player Jarvis Hayes led Krylya Samara with 21 points in the loss.

Khimky was led by former Spurs backup point guard Chris Quinn with 21 points, three assists, and six rebounds in 31 minutes, while Detroit Pistons’ Austin Daye had five points in the win.

Blair and the Redwings will look for revenge as they try to get back on their winning ways when they face Triumph once again this coming Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Blair, Krasnye Krylya Samara dropped second straight; falls to Quinn, Khimky

  1. A Russian basketball season seems long and hard like their winters. Our players are trying to adjust to back to back to back games, it seems physically and mentally gruelying on them. I hope we can find one nasty Big 7″ over there if we can’t pick up one from the amnesty rule. I’am glad Blair is trying hard to keep his team competative, I just hope doesn’t wear himself out before our NBA season beggins here.

    • Here’s to hoping that Blair stays healthy and in shape. It’s great to know that DeJuan is playing well in Russia, but Quinn stole his thunder as he led his team to victory with 21 points.

      Once again, thanks for the compliments and the regular read.

  2. This international exposure will help Blair develop his game and at same time give him more confidence, I think this will only make him a better basketball player.

  3. Robby:
    I have two questions I’ve beening wanting to ask for awhile now concerning Barron Davis and Timmy. I hope your bloggers understand this is just my point of view on Timmy not and opinion based on what happen between Parker, and Berry. My first question is a PINGBACK about you wanting a Veteran PG. The San Antonio newspaper had a write up on Barron Davis could he be our guy? What about Chris Quinn now? I like what B. Davis can bring to the court if he is truely committed. My second question is not even basketball related, is Timmy another Tiger Woods?
    Too many signs that make you wonder? What do you think?

  4. Robby:
    As I asked that question about Timmy I realized this is how rumors get started and I shouldn’t have ask that question or opinion from anyone. If you could please strike that part I appreciated. A man that always says what’s on his mind can sometime be right or regretful if you don’t have any fact’s. My apology to everyone.

    • Joe Perez, what are you apologizing for my friend? I knew about the article about Baron Davis posted on Express-News/Spurs Nation I think they may have a point for the right price and right attitude I’d welcome Davis to the Spurs’ fold.

      About Duncan and Tiger Woods, they have similarities, both are very good at what they do in their respective sports. And if you hear Duncan or Woods on a radio or telephone interview you can tell that there are also some similarities with their voice.

      However, their personal lives is totally a different story.

      Thanks for the regular reads and comments.

  5. Robby:
    Thanks, but I think I should just stick to the NBA for right now and not his personal live. Have a good one.

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