Several Spurs named among Greatest Defensive Players in NBA History; TD best among Power Forwards

 Over the years, defense has been San Antonio’s trademark. So it’s not surprising that several players who wore the silver and black were named among the greatest defensive players in NBA history.

When it is all said and done, Tim Duncan will probably be the Best Power Forward of All time, as he is so consistent on both ends of the floor.

Included in the list are former San Antonio Spurs’ Maurice Cheeks (5th among point guards), Alvin Robertson, who the is only player in NBA history to record a quadruple-double with steals as one of the four categories was ranked 6th among shooting guards.

Defensive specialist Bruce Bowen, who won three championships with the Spurs was ranked third among small forwards, while Artis Gilmore and David Robinson were ranked 13th and 3rd respectively among NBA centers.

Tim Duncan who is arguably the best Power Forward in NBA history is ranked the best defensive player at his position.

Here’s the take:

Is there anything that Mr. Fundamental can’t do? As good as Tim Duncan is on defense (obviously since he’s made 13 All-Defensive teams), he’s still underrated. Duncan has never led the league in blocked shots, but he generally manages to get the most value out of his blocks as they are often tipped to teammates to set up fast break opportunities.


3 thoughts on “Several Spurs named among Greatest Defensive Players in NBA History; TD best among Power Forwards

  1. Robby:
    Amazing what this lockout has done to some of us, it has created a lot of historians with exceptional knowledge of the game and espectially about the SASpurs history. Our franchise has always pride itself on DEFENSE and when it hasn’t we haven’t gone that far (i.e. 2010), you can’t hide defense with offense. The list is exceptional Maurice, Alvin, Bruce, Artis and Mr. Fundamental Timmy. Where does the Admiral rank? Before we go any further you also have to give credit to all their coaches becasue you can only teach a player so much. Defense is a skill that only certain individual posses, they prepare themselves by watching films and learning others players habits. A defensive specialist is what they are called, However; this list of players also had an offensive game which may them even more unique, you can say a total package. Every team want one or two, but only a few teams may be lucky to have one if any. They will be a hot item when this lockout ends, teams will pay high for their services because theres only a hand full out there. Robby you never siese to amaze me when you dissapear for hours I know now your are brainstorming something good. FIVE STARS on this one.

  2. TD’s defense has been always underrated it’s about time someone takes notice. Shame on the NBA for not giving Timmy at least one DPOY award.

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