Duncan’s career night, highlighted by a fast break dunk

Playing heavy minutes on the second night of a back-to-back, San Antonio Spurs’ superstar forward Tim Duncan led the Spurs to victory and surpassed (21,798 career points) NBA Legend Larry Bird (21,791 career points) for 27th on the All Time scoring list.

Not only that.

The 35 year old veteran shows that he still got hops dunking on a fast break attempt off a Tony Parker assist.

Duncan is just 16 points away from passing Gary Payton (21,813 career points) to move up to 26th place in the All Time scoring ladder.

How about it Spurs fans? What can you say about Timmy’s fast break dunk?


6 thoughts on “Duncan’s career night, highlighted by a fast break dunk

  1. Timmy, SPECTACULAR slam. Not, quite the slama jamma but close enough. Old man can jump. It’s not how old you are but how old you feel and look and Timmy look like a young 30+. Give him a 10+ on the dunk. I wonder what Pop reaction or what he said to him in the locker room including the rest of the guy’s.

  2. Very well said guys… Tophatal, Duncan looks in prime condition although he looked gassed out in OT but hey he did some defensive stops and scored on a layup that gave the Spurs 96-92, Timmy played his hearts out against Houston. and btw great job on your own site. Guys please visit this http://tophatal.wordpress.com.

    Joe, there is good chance that Pop told this to Timmy at the huddle. “WTF Tim, lay it up you need to save your legs old man” hahhahaa! (kidding)

    Jason and Norman, every time we can see TD dunks at his age is awesome. But he shouldn’t overdo it! Ha!

    Thanks for the reads and comments guys, I appreciate it!

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