Blair Getting the Job done

Since Manu Ginobili’s injury, the San Antonio Spurs have stayed afloat in the Western Conference with a 12-7 record. They are currently first in the Southwest Division and third in the West.

DeJuan Blair has been quietly helping the Spurs win some games.

Thanks in large part to Tiago Splitter’s emergence as a legitimate NBA big.

However, Splitter is not the only one stepping up in Ginobili’s absence.

For instance, in the game against the Atlanta Hawks the entire bench gave the Spurs a big time lift.

Rookie Kawhi Leonard has earned coach Gregg Popovich’s trust because of his defensive talent and Danny Green has been a revelation, the Spurs lanky guard has played major minutes during the closing minutes on  tightly contested match.

Of course, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and to a lesser extend Richard Jefferson are there to steady the Spurs.

However, with all of the media attention focused on Splitter and perhaps Leonard’s immediate impact, another player has been quietly getting the job done.

DeJuan Blair.

San Antonio’s third-year center has improved gradually since he wore the silver and black and this year is no different.

This season, Blair has averaged 10.9 points, 6.0 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 23 minutes of playing time while shooting 53.9 percent from the floor, a marked improvement from his 50 percent field goal shooting last season.

And with just 19 games played, Blair has already scored in double figures in 11 games, including a season-high 17 in a blowout win against the Hawks.

The Spurs’ bulky big man has also recorded four double-double performances so far.

Nonetheless,  he still lacks consistency. But his sheer hard work and perseverance have made most Spurs fans forget Antonio McDyess’ departure.

Yes, Duncan and Splitter are big reasons why the Spurs’ frontcourt is holding up against the other teams, but Blair is doing his part too.

The big man with the big smile, may struggled in last year’s playoff series against the Grizzlies, but he has moved on and kept focusing on improving his game and helping the team.

Last season, out of 82 regular season games, DeJuan started in 65 games playing at center.

This year, he has started in all the games so far.

He still has a lot of work to do, to polish his game, but there is no doubt that he is playing his role and is getting the job done.

6 thoughts on “Blair Getting the Job done

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  2. Blair is just another one that has figure out what Pop wants. Play your ass of on Defense and the Offense will come. D + O = Wins, just go out there and hustle on both ends of the court and Pop would’nt touch you. Plus, consistency, sheer hard work, and perseverance like mention above by Robby will keep you in the starting lineup everyday.

    Theres an ugly rumor going on in SA about the SAS not singing SF J. Anderson for next year can you confirmed.

  3. Thanks for the regular reads and comments guys, Tophatal, what you mentioned is a recipe for success.

    Very good question, from what I know yesterday was the deadline for picking up team options on players on their rookie contract and since the Spurs has yet announce that they will pick James Anderson’s option, it appears that the team have decided not to secure their option for the second year swingman.

    With Danny Green blossoming and Gary Neal and the 2-spot, it looked like Anderson will not be a part of the Spurs future plans, but it’s not confirmed yet.

    Ramon, Blair force nice nick for DeJuan!

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