Video: Pistons talks Spurs

Tayshaun Prince and Detroit Pistons head coach Lawrence Frank talked to the media before tonight’s game against the San Antonio Spurs on Valentine’s Day at the Palace.

Coach Frank talked about how tough it is to guard Tim Duncan inside the paint, the Spurs’ three-point shooters and their bench play. While Prince thinks the Pistons should focus on keeping the Spurs from getting inside the lane, especially Tony Parker.

4 thoughts on “Video: Pistons talks Spurs

  1. Nothing but love from our opponents, just shows you how the Spurs franchise is respected in the NBA. I’m proud to be a Spurs fan.

    Make it 8 in a row! Go Spurs Go!

  2. I love this vid, coach Lawrence Frank mentioned that Matt Bonner is playing at a high level at 0:48 mark.😀 Wow! Gotta love the Spurs!🙂

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