Duncan won’t play elsewhere

Buck Harvey of Spurs Nation wrote this great piece about why Tim Duncan will stay in San Antonio. A MUST READ for all Spurs fans.

Tim Duncan has been the face of the Spurs franchise since his rookie year. He is one of the main reasons why San Antonio have won four (4) NBA titles.

Duncan won’t leave San Antonio as Peyton Manning did Indianapolis.

For one, Duncan won’t wear a suit and tie and field questions on live television.

He’d play until he was 60 to avoid that.

But he also won’t face what Manning did Wednesday, because everything is different for Duncan. From his sport to the economics to his franchise.

The Spurs will be careful this summer — when Duncan is as free as Manning is now.

The Colts made the right move this week. Various contractual and salary cap implications made Manning’s return to the Colts tricky, and Andrew Luck made it illogical.

But the Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, was clumsy with an already combustible situation. He’s fired off tweets in the middle of the night, refuting both medical and media opinions, which is why he needed Wednesday’s press conference more than Manning did.

Manning went along, both because he’s smart enough to sell the moment, and because he needed a chance to say goodbye. He and Indy deserved that.

Duncan should be able to relate. He and Manning were born a month apart in the spring of 1976, and their paths continued from southern colleges to become the No. 1 overall draft choices of their respective sports.

Their minds were quicker than their feet. And if Duncan couldn’t pass as Manning could, he saw the floor as Manning saw the field.

Manning won four MVPs to Duncan’s two while Duncan won four titles to Manning’s one. And along the way, winning about 70 percent of their games, year after year, their small-market teams were able to build a few things that still stand today. Lucas Oil Stadium is one, the AT&T Center is the other.

Both Indianapolis and San Antonio needed these players to keep their franchises, and that’s why both Manning and Irsay choked up at times Wednesday. Business said the Colts should part ways, but emotions didn’t.

The Spurs won’t have to face that. Duncan doesn’t have a bubble payment coming, and the dynamics of the NBA are different, too. Even if another 6-foot-11 savior was arriving, Duncan could play with him.

Still, there was a time when the Spurs wondered if they could talk a Hall of Fame lock into a salary slash. Couldn’t they better rebuild if David Robinson would take an 80 percent pay cut?

That was in the summer of 2001, and Robinson wondered out loud then if he would finish his career in San Antonio. The Spurs backtracked, and everything worked out, including another title for Robinson.

The Spurs not only remember all of this, they also saw again Wednesday what their own Manning can still do for them.

Then, against the Knicks, Duncan was workmanlike with 17 points and eight rebounds in a game that was never close. It was the kind of night, given his effectiveness, the Spurs can see being repeated for another two or three years.

Months ago during the lockout, before anyone was sure there was even going to be a season, the Spurs were already thinking about this summer. Duncan’s contract is something they have to get right, and they’ve already been trying to get a sense of what he deserves.

Read the complete article at Spurs Nation.


4 thoughts on “Duncan won’t play elsewhere

  1. Let’s put it this way, I can’t imagine Duncan leaving the Spurs! Much less playing for another franchise. Timmy is the Spurs foundation and leader, I love him to death! Go Spurs Go!

  2. As I was trying to write a comment yesterday I had to put a hold on it cause I found myself writing a pastense paragraph or retirement speech. I do believe he will go out as a Spur 4life. The question is just when, and we know it’s in the near future? When Tim does decide to hang it up us military folks can describe his career like Honor, Courage and Comittment and his loyalty to the organization will never be question. I just hope his replacement is in near sight.

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