Why the Spurs should keep Danny Green

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According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, the San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves are discussing a three-team deal, according to sources close to the situation.

With the Trade Deadline just around the corner, are the Spurs be willing to part ways with Danny Green? (Photo via Spurs Nation)

Nothing is imminent, but the teams will continue to talk over the next two days.

In the rumored deal, the Spurs would acquire Josh Howard, the Timberwolves would acquire C.J. Miles and Jamal Tinsley and the Jazz would acquire Danny Green and Wayne Ellington. Other players and draft picks will likely be included in the finalized trade.

Utah holds a $10.9 traded-player exception and San Antonio holds a $854,400 traded-player exception as well.

Sources described the talks as ongoing, but stressed that no deal is imminent.

Green has been an important part of the Spurs rotation this season averaging 7.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 1.4 assists in almost 23 minutes per ball game.

More importantly, the Spurs lanky guard has gained his confidence this year and proved to be a dependable option off the bench.

Green’s inspiring play has helped the Spurs get off to a great start despite losing Manu Ginobili to injury early in the season. His familiarity with the Spurs’ system and tenacity on the defensive end should be reasons enough for San Antonio to keep him.

Howard on the other hand, has averaged 8.8 points and 3.7 rebounds this season but is battling Achilles problems at the moment.

If the deal pushes through, San Antonio will have to make sure that Howard is completely healthy, and work him into their rotation with just 26 regular season games left.

Also, Howard’s addition appears to be unlikely, because acquiring him will give the San Antonio a logjam at the small forward position with Richard Jefferson and rookie Kawhi Leonard already in the lineup.

The deal could happen, but for all we know, these are just rumors and will not likely take place.

However, if you are the Spurs, will you be willing to give up Green to get Howard’s services?

Share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Why the Spurs should keep Danny Green

  1. No. Not good, not good at all. Defensively I’m willing to say Danny Green is our best on ball defender. Josh Howard didn’t want to come here in the offseason and he isn’t the healthiest guy in the league. Negative attitude, borderline bad health and average statistics. If we run in to the Clippers in the playoffs I want Danny Green on our roster to harass CP3.

    • Agree with you Aaron, Green’s defense is better than Howard and he relatively younger so why would the Spurs bother to trade him?

      I think Robby is right in saying that these are just plain rumors, let’s hope it is.

  2. Guys thanks for the reads and comments, like most you, I’m keeping my fingers cross that the rumored deal doesn’t push through, trading Danny Green to get Josh Howard will weaken our roster in my opinion.

  3. Not going to happen, I hope not, maybe for Beasley. The first priority is another PG to replace TJ, second would be a Big or the other way around it doesn’t matter. Wait till the last second of the trade deadline to acquire one or the other or both, however I think that the help will come from the D-league this time around.

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