Jackson back in San Antonio

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The Golden State Warriors traded swingman Stephen Jackson to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday for small forward Richard Jefferson, the rights to T.J. Ford (who announced his retirement earlier this week ), and a conditional first-round draft pick this year.

The Spurs are hoping that the veteran swingman responds to the challenge now that he is back in San Antonio.

San Antonio’s pick is lottery protected, but the Spurs are in second place in the Western Conference so that will probably not be an issue.

Jackson has averaged 10.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists in 26 games this season.

Jefferson on the other hand, has averaged 9.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 41 games with the Spurs this season. He could be in Bay Area in time for Friday night’s game against the Bucks, which will mark Ellis’ much-hyped, quick return to Oracle Arena.

In all fairness to Jefferson, he remained a professional even after he knew the Spurs wanted to amnesty him, and if not for his bloated contract, there  would have been no reason to move him.

Getting Jackson is not necessarily and upgrade, he is shooting a measly 28 percent from beyond the arc this season. But the Spurs, in effect, subtract a year of his salary by switching him for Jackson. Amnesty wouldn’t have been this financially effective.

However, playing for a veteran club that needs some scoring punch and a coach that can handle his mood swings; something tells me that he’s about to be on the upswing.

Jackson is an underrated player because of his bad reputation, and coming off the bench behind rookie Kawhi Leonard might be a problem, but Gregg Popovich knows Jackson to well, and being back with Tim Duncan should mean more now.

After all, when Jackson lectured the Bucks this season on how he had “probably done more than a lot of people in this locker room in this league, including coaches,” he was talking about the ring he won with Duncan.

Coming back to San Antonio should give Jackson a breath of fresh air, he gets a chance to return, to be with Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili again, and to play with a contender.

If Jackson can play to his potential with the Spurs, the front office should be applauded for another job well done.

Nevertheless it feels like San Antonio still need a player or two to seriously compete for a title this season.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts on this matter.


6 thoughts on “Jackson back in San Antonio

  1. I LOOOVE this Trade, action Jackson back again. Some people are bitching about this and saying he is no good for us. What’s the matter scare of a little attitude and cut throat basketball peeps. The second to the last ingredient to finish the dish and it adds a lot of flavor to it. Now give me a UGLY Big. Food for thought what if Golden State amnesty RJ and we can get him back at a vets minimum salary.

  2. Joe, I also like this trade for a number of reasons. However, I still think we need to add another big man to seriously compete for a title this season. Hopefully, the Spurs can pick somebody from the waiver wire.

    Btw, I don’t know if you guys have noticed by I’m cross posting articles here to another website http://myspurslink.blogspot.com/ it would be nice if you guys can visit it too.

    Thanks for the regular comments and reads. Go Spurs Go!

  3. Robby
    Great to here from you. Yes, we needed a presence an enforcer and thats action Jackson. It’s been hard trying to find you on this blog that I have to go back to one of your previous ones to get here, I just hope this blog goes straight up to you without me going back to find a previous blog, Thanks.

  4. Robby
    I just couldn’t stay away anymore, for all you blogger or action Jackson hater especially the ones that have their own blogs sites in a couple of weeks you’re going to be basking on how action Jackson was a great piece or addition to the Spurs. I’am going to tell some of you people how it is and you should all know by now, you either step on dog poop or you don’t, and theres no stink about it guys. In a couple of weeks from now you all are going to be writing about Jackson and what he brings to the team and then everyone of you is going to want to take some type of credit for it and yes you can’t try to cover yourself with the Pro’s and Con’s theory. See you all in the next couple of weeks as you all start writing what a great decision PATFO made. Robby, I’am glad to hear you see this as a best trade possible eventhough I hate to see RJ go.

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