Spurs could make move at waiver deadline

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The San Antonio made a good move last week acquiring Stephen Jackson in exchange for Richard Jefferson, it’s a deal that made more sense money wise.

Gregg Popovich and company has some work to do later this week at the waiver deadline.

However, roster tinkering won’t end with Thursday’s trade deadline. Playoff-bound teams including the Spurs will likely seek to add players who have been or will be bought out of their contracts before Friday’s waiver deadline.

A few players have been waived already, including Derek Fisher (Houston Rockets), Brian Cook (Washington Wizards), Ronny Turiaf (Denver Nuggets) and J.J. Hickson (Sacramento Kings).

The Spurs who currently hold the West second-best record, still need to add depth if they want to make a deep playoff push this season.

They have expressed interest in signing Patty Mills to replace T.J. Ford as the team’s backup point guard, but the development of the 23 year old guard’s signing has slowed down lately.

Now, San Antonio is apparently considering the veteran Fisher as an option at the backup point guard spot. Not exactly a bad idea knowing that Fisher is a proven winner and can take the big shots.

Nonetheless, the Spurs have Tony Parker at the point and Gary Neal and Manu Ginobili have done a good job filling in as backups.

The Spurs greater concern going into the post season is adding more big bodies in the paint, which is why I am intrigued if the team will make a hard push at either Turiaf or Hickson or probably another quality big man that will be waived between now and Friday.

Parker has also mentioned last week, that he would welcome the idea of Boris Diaw joining the Spurs should the Bobcats forward be released before the waiver deadline.

What do you guys think? Which player(s) should the Spurs add to their roster heading into the playoffs?


5 thoughts on “Spurs could make move at waiver deadline

  1. We still need a backup PG. Cory Joseph isn’t contributing soon! I hope we can get Mills.

    About the bigs, I like the Spurs to get Turiaf, I think he’ll help a lot in rebounds and be an enforcer for us.

  2. I’d would be great if the Spurs can add another big, Turiaf looks good to me for the playoffs, not sure about Hickson, but his upside looks better than Turiaf.

  3. Robby
    Watching our Spurs lose to Dallas was conculsive enough for me to see we are a still a player away from putting the OKC, LAL, Mem, and Dal away for good. I know some of your bloggers are very young to remember how our first true contending team was build and that was by adding Artis Gilmore to put the lock on Kareem, however we were always a player away from truely been a true championship team, and even then the FO knew it. Now to the most recent years David Robinson was a player trying to carry the Spurs on his shoulders by himselve but just couldn’t get over the hump until Timmy came along and whala true Contenders and the Championships came. Now I’am starting to get the same feeling again just one player away but WHO? A big with descent O but questionable D or vice versa. I think if we wait a little longer a Big with both good qualities will be handed to us. The FO knows what is missing and maybe so do we but are we all to blind to see it or just indenial. What I mean by this is that from all the other 31 teams perspective they see we are maybe a Big away. Another question is do we get one now or wait till the end of the season when a better player gets buy out of their contract. This team right now reminds me of two of our previous teams from two different decades the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s one great player away Gilmore, Robinson and now Duncan. What do you and the Robbloggers think?

  4. The waiver deadline is on Friday, meaning the Spurs MUST sign a player or players to add to their roster to be eligible to play in the post season.

    I’m guessing, they will be in wait and see mode and look at the final list of the waived players before deciding what they think is best.

    I hope the Spurs gets a quality player or two too beef up the lineup going to the playoffs.

    Thanks for the regular comments and reads guys!

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