Spurs World offers news,  commentary and analysis about the San Antonio Spurs, the Austin Spurs, the NBA and some other things that may come to mind 😉

Robby Lim started blogging back in 2009, and draws inspiration from 48 Minutes of Hell’s Managing Editor, Timothy Varner.

He was a member and lead writer at another Spurs blog site, Project Spurs from November 2009-April 2011 and founded Spurs World on April 20, 2011.

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Founder and Writer: Robby Lim is a long-time Spurs follower from the Philippines but works overseas at the Republic of Palau as an IT professional.

When he’s not busy writing about the San Antonio Spurs, he often do Cross-fit, play Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball and spend quality time with his lovely wife.

Robby can be reached via e-mail at lim.robby@yahoo.com and you can follow him on Twitter @RobbyLim21, where he often tweets about the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA.

Friends, readers, sports and basketball lovers, welcome to Spurs World!

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