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As you guys may have noticed, the post here on Spurs World has been scarce lately.

It’s been almost year since I founded this website and I am extremely happy with the results.

While I would love to continue posting on this blog site, Michael Hirschbein of FanvsFan network gave an offer I couldn’t resists.

We tried to use the domain Spursworld.com but unfortunately, it was already taken and that led us to choosing SpursOnFire.com.

From here on out, I’ll be posting on SpursOnFire for the latest about the San Antonio Spurs, and hopefully YOU,  my loyal readers will continue to support the new site.

I felt that by joining the the FanvsFan network with Michael’s help, things will only get bigger and better.

Thanks for all the support you gave me here at Spurs World, and I hope to see you there at SpursOnFire! Go Spurs Go!

Duncan won’t play elsewhere

Buck Harvey of Spurs Nation wrote this great piece about why Tim Duncan will stay in San Antonio. A MUST READ for all Spurs fans.

Tim Duncan has been the face of the Spurs franchise since his rookie year. He is one of the main reasons why San Antonio have won four (4) NBA titles.

Duncan won’t leave San Antonio as Peyton Manning did Indianapolis.

For one, Duncan won’t wear a suit and tie and field questions on live television.

He’d play until he was 60 to avoid that.

But he also won’t face what Manning did Wednesday, because everything is different for Duncan. From his sport to the economics to his franchise.

The Spurs will be careful this summer — when Duncan is as free as Manning is now.

The Colts made the right move this week. Various contractual and salary cap implications made Manning’s return to the Colts tricky, and Andrew Luck made it illogical.

But the Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, was clumsy with an already combustible situation. He’s fired off tweets in the middle of the night, refuting both medical and media opinions, which is why he needed Wednesday’s press conference more than Manning did.

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Splitter, Ford might return to action, Spurs still have a lot of work to do

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The San Antonio Spurs have outdid themselves during the first half of the season finishing with a 24-10 record, good for second-best in the West and TNT analyst Charles Barkley picked the Spurs over the weekend to win the Western Conference.

After missing 24 games this season, T.J. Ford might be able to play Wednesday night against the Chicago Bulls.

But it doesn’t mean the team is letting their guards down.

“I saw that,” Tony Parker said. “ But we have a lot of work to do and we need Manu Ginobili at 100 percent.

It’s like I told everybody at the All-Star break. We’re not going anywhere without Manu at 100 percent.

“Oklahoma City is a very, very good team. The Clippers are a very, very good. Dallas is good, too. We need everybody ready to go and at full strength. If not, we aren’t going to go anywhere.”

There is some good news too, the Spurs’ injury situation appears to be getting a little better (via Spurs Nation).

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Manu taking it easy, Ford still not ready

Manu Ginobili is still rounding into shape.

After missing 22 games with a broken left hand, San Antonio Spurs star guard Manu Ginobili is trying to play his way back into shape after his first three games since returning to action February 11 at New Jersey.

“I’m a little tired,” Ginobili said. “My legs are a little sore after the long lockout and the short training camp.” (Hat tip Spurs Nation)

Even before his injury, Ginobili said his conditioning suffered.

“In the four games before I got hurt, I wasn’t even there in great shape and sitting for 40 days didn’t help me,” Ginobili said. “That’s why I have to be patient, take it easy and let the game come to me slowly. I’m not looking forward to too many things, taking too many shots. Just let it come to me.”

With the Spurs’ depth, Ginobili said he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to rush back into the team’s offense.

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Spurs notes: Manu nearing return, TD on NBA’s Top 20 rebounding list and more

After missing 21 games this season, it looked like San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili will be returning to the Spurs line up pretty soon.

Manu could be back in San Antonio's lineup as early as next week, while Duncan is now on the NBA's Top 20 rebounding list.

According to Jeff McDonald of Spurs Nation, coach Gregg Popovich gave an optimistic assessment of his All-Star guard’s progress.

“The doctors say he’s healed and healthy,” Popovich said before the Spurs’ 89-84 win over the Grizzlies. “It’s just a matter of conditioning and timing, rhythm and confidence, all those things right now.

“I’d expect him in the next week or so.”

Ginobili has missed games since breaking his shooting hand last January 2 in Minnesota, an injury that required surgery.

“It just feels great to see him out here, doing teardrops and moving around,” Parker said. “Hopefully he can come back soon.”

When Ginobili does return, Popovich said he’s leaning toward bringing the former Sixth Man of the Year off the bench in order to ease him into game action.

The Spurs are 14-7 this season without Manu in the lineup.

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Spurs Nation: Spurs to retire Bowen’s No. 12

The San Antonio Spurs will retire Bowen's jersey on March 21.

As reported by Mike Monroe of Spurs Nation.

When the Spurs added Bruce Bowen to their roster for the 2001-02 season, it was not because they needed scoring.

Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Steve Smith and a teenage rookie named Tony Parker did plenty of that.

And Bowen?

“People said I couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a beach ball,” he said.

Nevertheless, Bowen started every game he played that season because he was the perimeter defender the Spurs needed to slow the game’s most gifted perimeter players.

Bowen earned the first of eight straight NBA All-Defensive honors that season, and on Monday the Spurs announced another honor for the 6-foot-7 forward from Cal State-Fullerton: He will be the seventh Spurs player to have his jersey number retired.

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Spurs World back at blogging

I haven’t been blogging lately, especially during the months of November and December, I guess I took the holidays too far and enjoyed to the fullest.

Manu is unhappy knowing that he will spend an ample amount of time watching in the sidelines for the Spurs. (Photo via ESPN)

However, I’m glad that there are still followers and readers on this blog despite the lack of timely post on the site.

But now I believe things will get back to normal and hopefully I can write more often and communicate frequently with my fellow San Antonio Spurs fans.

Since my last post, a lot of things had happened with the Spurs. They opened the season with a nice pair of wins over the Memphis Grizzlies and the new-look Los Angeles Clippers, dropped a game against the gritty Houston Rockets, bounced back with a win over the Utah Jazz, loss another game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but more notably will miss Manu Ginobili for at least two months because of a broken his fifth metacarpal that will require surgery.

Without Manu, the Spurs faces a tough task of making it to the playoffs.

The team must rally and put up a great team effort to be able to sustain and survive the 66 season games in 120 days without missing the post season for the first time in the Tim Duncan era.

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DeJuan Blair receiving offers from European teams?

According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, San Antonio Spurs’ forward DeJuan Blair has received month-by-month offers from European teams.

As reported here on Spurs World, several players on the Spurs 2010-11 roster have gone overseas to play basketball during the lockout. Chris Quinn was the first to go, when he signed a one year deal with BC Khimki Moscow.

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Gary Neal could spend spot duty at point guard

With George Hill traded to the Indiana Pacers on draft night and San Antonio Spurs rookie Cory Joseph as the only backup to Tony Parker on the current roster, I played with the idea of the Spurs targeting J.J. Barea once the NBA season resumes.

While acquiring Barea might be unlikely, Jeff McDonald of Spurs Nation wrote about the possibility of Gary Neal playing at the point.

With the Spurs thin on point guard rotation, coach Gregg Popovich will likely ask Neal to log spot duty at point guard.

But instead of spending the summer in the gym with Spurs development coach Chad Forcier, as Hill did between his rookie and sophomore campaigns, Neal has been left to figure out the nuances of a new position on his own.

“I feel like I have the ability to play point,” Neal said. “I’ve always been a scorer. I just think for those 10 or 15 minutes where I get to play point guard, I just have to change my mind-set. Pass off the pick-and-roll, not shoot it.”

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Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard playing in Impact Basketball?

The NBA lockout has affected players’ progress because it prohibits them to use their team’s training facilities and it also wiped out the entire Summer League, which in previous years have helped aspiring players and NBA rookies to hone their craft and show their talent to coaches and prospective teams.

(Photo via Spurs Nation)

Last year, San Antonio Spurs’ Gary Neal virtually earned his spot on the Spurs roster because of the summer league.

This year, rookies don’t have the same privilege, but young Spurs players like Kawhi Leonard might get another chance.

Impact Basketball, one of the top basketball training sites in the world, will launch their own league in September stocked with NBA-level players.

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