Ginobili not ready to play for Virtus Bologna

Manu Ginobili today practiced with Argentine team Weber Estudiantes and talked about the proposal made by Virtus Bologna.

“I did not go to Italy in the last six years and it could be a nice thing to return there, but right now I need to rest.

I cannot give them an answer today. If they want another player, they are free to look for a new one. I am not ready to play. I am going to practice with Weber, I help them. Nothing more so far” said Ginobili, as reported by journalist German Beder (via

Parker to sign with ASVEL? Ginobili’s agent denies rumors out of Bologna

As reported by Catch-and-Shoot (via , San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker signed a deal with ASVEL Villeurbanne where he will be playing during the NBA lockout.

The French superstar called a press conference for Thursday where he will officially announce his signing.

Parker will make his debut against Paris-Levallois in the French Pro A 2nd round and will miss the first game against Roanne.

Meanwhile, Herb Rudoy, Manu Ginobili’s Chicago-based agent, said rumors out of Bologna, Italy, that the Spurs star is set to join the Italian team if Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant declines Bologna’s offer are untrue. Rudoy’s text message was emphatic. ‘Not true!’

Parker to decide next week whether to join ASVEL during lockout

With the NBA lockout issue yet to be resolved, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker might announce his decision next week on whether he will join his team ASVEL during the lockout.

According to the website basketeurope, Parker could give a definitive answer on whether to play for the team he partly owns and serves as its director of basketball operations before the start of the French league on October 7.

However, Parker’s decision could be insignificant, especially if players and owners settle on a new collective bargaining agreement over the weekend.

The French basketball superstar returned to France this week for help in settling the insurance question that remains his biggest obstacle in joining the French team.

Parker’s four-year contract with the Spurs, which started before last season, pays him $50 million. He’d like to guarantee to cover any potential injuries while playing in France.

Initially, Parker said he will give his response to ASVEL on October 10, but the acceleration of negotiations in the NBA may have pushed him to give a definitive answer sooner than later.

If the lockout ends, Parker will return to San Antonio. Otherwise, he will play overseas and his Spurs’ teammate Manu Ginobili will likely accept the offer from Virtus Bologna.

Ginobili: “There is a possibility that I will join Virtus Bologna during the lockout”

Manu Ginobili might play in Italy during the NBA lockout.

In an exclusive interview released at (via, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili confirmed that Virtus Bologna is the only option if he decides to play overseas during the NBA Lockout.

“I did not say no to the proposal. In Bologna I had great time and my wife Marianela loves Italy. There is a possibility that I will join Virtus Bologna during the NBA lockout. I have to give an answer by the end of the month.”

“I had also an offer from Brazil but if I leave the San Antonio Spurs during the lockout, I am going to play only with Virtus Bologna. It would be just for few months and then I will be back to Spurs” added Ginobili.

Parker studying possibilities to join ASVEL, Manu undecided on Virtus offer

As reported by BasketEurope, in an interview released at L’Equipe, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker said that in the next days he will meet with his lawyers to study the possibilities to join ASVEL during the NBA lockout.

Ginobili and Parker may consider playing overseas as the NBA lockout drags on.

“In the next days I will meet my lawyers and we will see how my chances are of returning to Europe. Insurance companies are happy because no NBA player got injured during Eurobasket so they are not going to raise the prices. I hope I can negotiate a good price. For sure, If I sign with ASVEL, I am going to pay by my own the cost of the insurance” said Parker.

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Could Manu and Kobe become teammates in Virtus Bologna?

According to, Claudio Sabatini the owner of Virtus Bologna, talked again to Resto del Carlino, about Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili.

Could Manu and Kobe become teammates in Virtus Bologna?

“I can risk by my own the 50% of the total amount of money needed. For the other half, I need the help of private companies, professional associations and the municipality. We have three opportunities: the arrival of Kobe Bryant, the return of Manu Ginobili and the organization of FIBA World Championship Under 19 in 2013.

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Manu intends to retire with the Spurs, but near future maybe with Virtus Bologna

In a recent interview with, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili  says that he has at least two or three years more as a basketball player and stressed that his intention is to finish his career with the Spurs.

Manu Ginobili expressed his intentions to retire with the San Antonio Spurs.

“I do not have much left, I am 34 years old. I have two or three years, I will take some time to analyze things and then decide on what to do,” Ginobili said.

Manu continued:

“I have two years left on my contract with San Antonio and my intention is not to play in another team and to retire as a Spur.”

Ginobili as talked about playing in the 2012 London 2012 Olympics.

“At the time I renewed my contract (with San Antonio) it was completely clear that  in 2011 and 2012, I was going to play for Argentina, no question. They tried to convince me, but the Olympic game is non-negotiable ” said Ginobili.

Beyond the Olympics,  Ginobili is aware that the NBA lockout will force him to make a decision about his immediate future, which may include Virtus Bologna of Italy.

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